Hong Kong Style for the world to explore

At The Peak Galleria, ideally located at the city's number one visitor attraction, you will savor the best Hong Kong has to offer and spice up your visit with a truly sensational experience.

Look out from The Peak Galleria, more than 400 meters above sea level at the top of Hong Kong, and you'll enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Hong Kong's soaring skyline bordering the famed Victoria Harbor. Inside The Galleria, you'll find an exciting range of specialty shops offering everything from contemporary lifestyle designer products to eye-catching art works and charming handicrafts. Relax by tasting local delicacies in authentic Hong Kong-style restaurants. Everywhere you look, there is something unique from Hong Kong for you to enjoy.

Seize this chance to add an extraordinary chapter to your Hong Kong story. Make your stay even more unforgettable.