Services and Facilities

  Sightseeing Telescope  L3
  Wi-Fi Service  L1, L2 and L3
Mobile Phone Charging Station   L2 Peak Lounge
  Locker Service  L2 Peak Lounge
  Lost & Found  L1 Concierge
ATM Machines Ground Floor, L1
  Local and IDD Call Pay Phone Ground Floor, L1
  First Aid Box L1 Concierge
  Surgerial Mask L1 Concierge
   Wheelchair Service  L1 Concierge
Car Park B1, B2
  Parking Privilege L1 Concierge
  Toilets for Disabled L1, L2 and L3
  Baby Care Room L2 Peak Lounge
  Diaper Station L1 and L2 Female Toilets
Children's Playground Area L1
  Wish Tree L3 
Shopping Bag Recycling Bin L3